Monday, January 2, 2012

Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award -- Keywords: William Smith, Napoleon Jerry

NO SPAM, PLEASE -- Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award

A spam winning notification from Napoleon Jerry, apparently on behalf of 
Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award, congratulating me for winning of 
500,000.00 GBP Sterling (FIVE Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) in 
2011/2012 end of the year Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award and asking to provide the persona
l information to Dr. William Smith for further processing.

Contents of the mail are given below:

 Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award,  # 94 Wimpole Street London  United Kingdom
                                            From The Desk Of 
Dr. William Smith 

CONGRATULATIONS,Guinness Company United Kingdom is proud to congratulate you on your success as a winner of the  year 2011/2012 end of the year Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award that was conducted over the internet on 31/12/2011 with our automated email selecting machine. Your E-mail address emerged as one of the TEN (10) lucky Email Addresses selected, as won in the yearly Promo (2011/2012).

You have been declared the proud winner of  500,000.00GBPSterling. (FIVE Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds)
Forward the following information below to the paying officer of 
Guinness Company Promotion/Prize Award For Payment

Full Name, ------------------------- ---
Address, ---------------------- ---------
Country, ---------------------- ---------
Age, -------------------------- -----------
Sex, -------------------------- ------------
Occupation, ---------------------------
Mobile number............................
Tel/Fax Number----------------------

Serial number: 17904
File Ref. GENDW 871-9T6
Winning Number: 7/89/4
Winning Amount:500,000.00only

How to claim your winning prize:
Contact Dr. William Smith 

Phone: +447017471911
Yours Faithfully,
Mr Napoleon Jerry


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